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June 15, 2012
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A simple flash I made...
Hope this thing work... Tell me if it doesn't work

Try clicking download. Maybe that'll help.
Got a preloader problem. will fix it soon
Actually this is my first time submitting flash in dA.
Sorry for lot of lack in this flash

Song's name? I call it "lalala" and I don't know why.
~Old song I made year ago.

UTAU that still WIP. I don't know if I can finish it. I hope I can. But we'll see.

UTAU's name:
Bironeka Dorru The Haunted Doll
Bironeka-'Boneka' mean 'doll' in Malay/Indon Language.
- Also means: puppet; a child toy; small model of human figure; marionette. (Her Design Hint: Bironeka is a fabric doll)
Dorru- Also mean 'doll'. Based of romaji word.

Her design will be revealed soon. (After I finish the voice bank maybe... Or I'll change my mind)

Character was based on Pupa the Haunted Doll (Search:[link] [link]). Except that she(Pupa) can't sing ^^

The story behind Bironeka is still a mystery.
-Bironeka is a harmless haunted doll. (a good spirit)
-Like Pupa, she can move on her own when nobody is around.
-She had been handed down by an owner to another different kind of owner over centuries.
-According to some rumor, 'she' uses to sing a lullaby at night, a lullaby song that her original owner always used to sing.
-Some said that 'she' often sing in the current owner's dream.
-Most of her songs are story about her owners' life story that she had been encountered.
-Some of her songs told her story about how she is still keep in search of her original owner.
-Acording to a legend, Bironeka keep singing of her original owner's lullaby and hopefully that her owner will sing with her.
-Original Owner of Bironeka Dorru is remain unknown.
-But there are lot of theories/rumors about who was her original owner. But no one know which one is the real story or the original owner.
-She is a rare doll.
-Some people thought that doll is never exist. There are still no proves that the doll ever exist except for people who used to own her (But they all died anyway.) Due to that, her story and existence slowly become forgotten. Only few people will know about her.
-In the present time, the doll had been missing for a longest time and remain mystery. Some said that she still had been keep by unknown person and will be still handed down to next person.

Bironeka is my old character. I had designed her when I got interested in paranormal stories about haunted dolls years ago.
And since Bironeka is singing doll...
Yup,she remind me of Elizabeth's doll, Elise, doll character in 7th Story Album of Sound Horizon: Marchen. But Bironeka was not created based of Elise. (not a fan character either...(Yes, I'm fan of Sound Horizon)). She is my original character.

Sorry for grammar.
More fact about her maybe will be added soon.

Bironeka Dorru will going to be my private UTAUloid.

The Lalala Lullaby song and Bironeka Dorru belong to :iconreenacat:
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